TOI-178: Sculptor

$9.00 - $12.00

The designs in this series incorporate various representations for these systems:
Constellations: The constellation the system is located in, or associated with (Solar System), is mid-raised in the metal background of the design. Stars that are part of the perceived pattern in the constellation are represented by diamonds, while background stars are circles.
Stars: The largest metal circle in each design is to scale with the screen printed planets.
Planets: The order the planets are printed are innermost (top) to outermost (bottom). The metal circles also represent the planets, to a more clear scale, though they are not in any particular order.

Pin Details: 40mm, Silver metal with mid-raised metal constellation background, translucent enamel, screen print, cutouts
This system is 205 light years away, which is fairly close to ours. This implies that systems like it might be relatively common, and will help us gather information about planet formation and evolution. The planets in this system have varied densities, just as planets in our Solar System do. Unlike our system, TOI-178 doesn't have rocky inner planets and gaseous outer planets, the densities vary regardless of proximity to the star.