Cosmic Alchemy: Planets Bundle

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Alchemy: A blend of magic, myth, and chemistry which would eventually evolve into the actual science practice. In fact, the word "chemistry" is derived from the word "alchemy", specifically "alchemistry"! Some elements had multiple symbols and others would be defined by one specific symbol, or even an illustration. Those who studied alchemy were looking to change a metal into another, "more pure" metal, such as gold. Other alchemists took the philosophical approach and were looking for spiritual enlightenment. Alchemists would use symbols to represent these different concepts and materials to protect their works. The symbols used would represent real world materials, and some planets as well!

This bundle includes one of each CA Planet pin:
Sun : Gold
Venus : Copper
Earth : Antimony
Moon : Silver
Mars : Iron
Jupiter : Copper
Saturn : Lead
Pluto (mini pin)

For a total of 11 pins!

All pin details can be found in their individual listings!