Astrobiology Optimist Pin


Enamel Pin
Silver Metal with screen print
36mm with 2 pin posts, backstamp

Life as we understand and classify it today requires four basic elements:

Oxygen (Atomic Number 8)
Phosphorus (Atomic Number 15)
Nitrogen (Atomic Number 7)
Hydrogen (Atomic Number 1)

Astrobiology research includes learning what makes a planet habitable for life, how lifeforms can survive in extreme conditions that may exist on other planets, answering the questions of how life begins and evolves, and more! These deep questions give us insight to answer one of life's greatest mysteries: are we alone, and if not, what else is out there? As our understanding of life is in the present day, all living things require ATP for energy. ATP is a molecule comprised of oxygen, phosphorus, nitrogen, and hydrogen. This molecule is represented here in the form of a constellation, for those who dream of otherworldly life forms.