Heart of Guiding Light

$35.00 - $85.00

Enamel Pin
Gold Metal featuring iridescent glitter, screen print, translucent stained glass & epoxy
Rustic: 62mm with 3 posts, antique bronze metal with cutouts and recessed details
Stellar: 66mm with 3 posts, swirled pearlescent in transparent, glitter
Lantern: 46mm with 0 pin posts, laser

This pin is sure to turn a few heads! The inner flame glows in the dark, and the lantern is supported by an equally ornate frame. Using translucent materials and bright colors, it is sure to liven up any outfit all while looking great. The gorgeous design comes to life when illuminated from behind, be it by candle light or the suns rays. Add a spark to your collection that never goes out!

[All pins from this listing are A grade, B grades are available in heart gashapon plays]