Mars Magnetic Pin Set

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Enamel Pin Set
Rover Dock: Silver Metal with mini magnet set, 46mm with 2 pin posts, backstamp
Mars: Dyed metal with screen print, 36mm with 2 pin posts, backstamp

Mars magnetic pin: Dyed metal with screen print
Rover & Lander Dock pin: Silver metal, hard enamel
Set of 3 mini top magnets: Silver metal, hard enamel

MARS: THE CURRENT FRONTIER? It seems like we have learned so much about our red neighbor in recent years! Each discovery leads to more questions, and as we answer them we learn more about not only Mars, but all rocky planets. The mission goals of these landers and rovers are included on the Dock pin. Determine if the environment could have supported life: Curiosity, Gather data for a better understanding of how rocky inner planets formed: InSight, and Search for signs of ancient life and collect rock samples: Perserverance.