KEPLER-90: Draco

$9.00 - $12.00

The designs in this series incorporate various representations for these systems:
Constellations: The constellation the system is located in, or associated with (Solar System), is mid-raised in the metal background of the design. Stars that are part of the perceived pattern in the constellation are represented by diamonds, while background stars are circles.
Stars: The largest metal circle in each design is to scale with the screen printed planets.
Planets: The order the planets are printed are innermost (top) to outermost (bottom). The metal circles also represent the planets, to a more clear scale, though they are not in any particular order.

Pin Details: 40mm, Silver metal with mid-raised metal constellation background, translucent enamel, screen print
Another system with eight planets other than ours? Yes, Kepler-90 not only has a star comparable to our Sun, but also rocky planets comparable to Earth! In fact, Kepler-90 was the second discovered eight planet system in history! All eight planets in the Kepler-90 system fit into the space equivalent from our Sun to Earth. The inner planets of this system orbit so closely to their star, Kepler-90i has a "year" of just over 14 days. The Kepler-90 name comes from Kepler, the mission that discovered the system originally, and 90 being the cataloged star number. Kepler-90 is located in the Draco constellation, and is visible with a medium-sized telescope.