Earth : Antimony


Soft Enamel Pin
Rainbow Metal with screen printing
38mm with 2 pin posts, backstamp

There are two common symbols in alchemy that represent our home planet. The first, a circle with a cross in the center ⊕, is to represent the planet itself and the four cardinal directions or a globe with an equator and meridian. The second symbol is a circle with a cross above ♁, which also represents antimony. Antimony in alchemy would also be symbolized as a wolf, a reflection of humanity's nature or "free spirit". The use of various symbols in their coded works would keep an alchemists studies safe from other's prying eyes. Though we have explored most of Earth's land, and have even completely mapped other planets, 95% of our oceans remain unexplored and unknown.

[All pins available in this listing are A GRADES ONLY!]