HR-8799: Pegasus

$9.00 - $12.00

Pin Details: 40mm, Silver metal with mid-raised metal constellation background, translucent enamel, screen print, cutouts
HR-8799 is a young system, approximately 60 million years old, located in the Pegasus constellation. There are four planets in this system, and they are nearly all the same size! HR-8799e is nearest planet to the star and it has a radius of 1.17 Jupiters. The other three planets all have a radius of 1.2 Jupiters. Though none of the planets are within the Habitable Zone, HR-8799c is confirmed to have water in its atmosphere. In addition to the strange planets, the star of this system is also unique. The star is a Lambda Boötis star, meaning it has an unusual lack of metals in its surface layers.