Pin Grading

Pin Grades

What are pin grades?
Pin grades are a way for makers to indicate the quality of the pin. As pins are handmade items which go through a variety of processes before they are complete, they are each unique. Pin makers will indicate grades in different ways, some makers use Standard Grade and Seconds to indicate quality while others, like myself, use letter grades.

What is the difference between an A Grade and B Grade pin?
A grade pins are the highest quality pins out of the batch; they are not perfect, but by my standards will have one or two minor flaws. Flaws in A grade pins are only noticable up close in a well lit area. B Grade pins are pins with more noticable flaws which may be visible at arm's length.

What possible flaws could my pin have?
Standard flaws are as follows:

  • Underfilled or overfilled enamel
  • Air bubbles
  • Scrapes and scuffs in the enamel or metal
  • Imperfect alignment with screen print
  • Trapped dust or dirt
  • Posts that twist or have a small amount of movement
  • Small marks or dents in enamel or metal
  • Streaked, textured, or uneven epoxy

What is your policy for severely flawed (C grade) pins?
I do not sell C Grade pins in my shop, C Grade pins will have unacceptable flaws such as:

  • Broken or missing posts
  • Large areas of missing plating on the front of the pin
  • Smeared or streaked screen printing
  • Missing or cracked enamel
  • Multiple (5+) significant flaws in a single pin

  • Please note:
    All pins are graded by me both upon recieving pins as well as before they are shipped to customers. Pins are ALWAYS graded from the front, straight on and not from the side, an angle, or the back. I do not offer "Collector Grade" or "S Grade" pins as my A grade pins are of high quality.