Heart of a Balanced Breakfast

$5.00 - $26.99

Soft Enamel Pin
Dyed Metal with glitter (butter) or transparent (syrup)
64mm with 3 pin posts, backstamp
Butter top pin is 23mm with two posts
Bacon top pin designed by Mezamizu is 31mm with two posts
Egg top pin designed by Mezamizu is 32mm with two posts

NEW Bacon and Egg topper pins will add extra sizzle to your Breakfast collection! Available individually or as a set, these tiny & cute fillers are designed by @Mezamizu. In a menu full of choices you can select Pancakes or Waffles, Butter or Syrup, and now Bacon or Eggs. Though in my opinion, a truly complete breakfast has both!

ORDER UP! These delicious pins aren't for eating, they're for wearing, sharing, and displaying! Choose either the pancake variant, with smooth epoxy, or the waffle variant, with recessed areas to give it a fresh out of the iron shape. Syrup variants drip with transparent fill, allowing the details to show. All syrup pins will come with a glitter butter top pin. Butter variants are extra shiny with added glitter and finished smooth with epoxy topping. For contrast, butter variants will come with the non-glitter butter top pin. Sweet enamel pins, Heart of a Balanced Breakfast! (Though they may look good enough to eat, please don't put them in your mouth!)

[All pins in this listing are A Grade ONLY!]