V1 Valentines Series

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Love is in the air!
Once I designed the first heart pin I have wanted to do something special just for Valentine's Day, and I've decided to add cards to really give them that extra bit of love. I hope you enjoy these special variants of these designs, they are LE100 per variant and WILL NOT be remade!

The stickers are all vinyl, and feature a Heart Holographic finish! All stickers are 3" on the longest side except Inordinate Heat which is 4"!

Each pin will come with a matching card. The folded size is 3 3/4" x 5 1/2" and will come in an envelope. Inside there is a white area on the left side to write in and a matching Valentine's greeting on the front! The pins will be attached to the inside of the card on the right side so as not to poke through the front of the card. These cards are hand folded by myself, and will be sent via padded mailer to protect the pin, card, and envelope in transit to you!


Sweet Heart:
2.6" (66mm) Tall
Dyed metal
Glitter w/ epoxy

Heart of a Chromaticpunk:
2.36" (60mm) Wide
Silver metal
Glitter w/ epoxy
Sandblast with transparent

Heart of Inordinate Heat:
4" (100mm) Tall
Dyed metal
Glitter w/ epoxy

Heart of Liquid Gold:
2.75" (70mm) Tall
Dyed metal
Transparent Enamel
Glitter w/ epoxy
Screen printing

[All pins from this listing are A grade, B grades are available in heart gashapon plays]