B Grade HEART Gashapon

$12.99 - $49.99


On a budget, can’t choose, or just want to try your luck? Here you’ll find a large variety of B Grade pins, some exclusive to this listing. (There are NO duplicate pins per order, up to the maximum listing. For example, if you order 33 plays of this listing, you will get one of each pin from the list below.) Every play includes the chance of a bonus, if your play includes the Heart Ball you get an extra pin!

[If you would like your play posted to Instagram or Tiktok, list the app and your @ in the order notes. Please note recording these videos takes time and therefore your order may go out up to three days later than usual.]

Heart Series (subject to change as inventory sells out):
1) Heart of Liquid Gold: Golden Honey
2) Heart of Liquid Gold: Valentine*
3) Heart of Liquid Gold: Milk Tea
4) Heart of Liquid Gold: Dripping Sunset
5) Heart of a Chromaticpunk: Neonpunk
6) Heart of a Chromaticpunk: Rainbowpunk
7) Heart of a Chromaticpunk: Valentine*
8) Heart of Inordinate Heat: Emphatic Red Flame
9) Heart of Inordinate Heat: ClCu Blue
10) Heart of Inordinate Heat: Burnish
11) Heart of Inordinate Heat: Valentine*
12) Sweet Heart: Valentine*
13) Heart of a Balanced Breakfast: Waffle (Syrup)**
14) Heart of a Balanced Breakfast: Waffle (Butter)**
15) Heart of a Balanced Breakfast: Waffle (Valentine Chocolate)***
16) Heart of a Balanced Breakfast: Pancake (Syrup)**
17) Heart of a Balanced Breakfast: Pancake (Butter)**
18) Heart of a Balanced Breakfast: Pancake (Valentine Chocolate)***
19) Heart of Moana Pākīpika: Ke Nalu
20) Heart of Moana Pākīpika: ʻEmelala
22) Heart of Moana Pākīpika: Puka
23) Heart of Moana Pākīpika: Valentine*
24) Heart of Spring Renewal: Valentine* ****
25) Heart of Dazzling Clarity: Valentine*
26) Heart of Dazzling Clarity: Taaffeite
27) Heart of Dazzling Clarity: Tsavorite
28) Heart of Dazzling Clarity: Iris Agate
29) Heart of Dazzling Clarity: Black Tourmaline
30) Heart of Effervescent Memories: Classic Silver *****
31) Heart of Effervescent Memories: Rainbow Reflection *****
32) Heart of Effervescent Memories: Blue Blast *****
33) Heart of Effervescent Memories: Toil & Trouble *****

* B Grade Valentine Variants do not come with cards or stickers
** Heart of a Balanced Breakfast B Grades come with a random B Grade Butter top pin
*** Heart of a Balanced Breakfast Valentine B Grades include B Grade Strawberry top pin
**** Heart of Spring Renewal B Grades come with ONE RANDOM TOP PIN, and do not come as a set
***** Heart of Effervescent Memories pins come with 1 random bubble wand that does NOT have magnets
Please note that all items in this listing are B grade, and therefore are flawed. For grading information please check the Pin Grading section of my website!