B Grade Gashapon

$5.99 USD - $24.99 USD

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A spin for every series!

On a budget, can’t choose, or just want to try your luck? You’ve selected the right listing! Here you’ll find a large variety of B Grade pins, some exclusive to this listing. (There are NO duplicate spins per order, up to the maximum listing. For example, if you order 8 spins for the Famous Cats of Science series, you will end up with one of each listed, but if you order 9 you will end up with one duplicate as the spins will be reset.) Every spin includes the chance of a bonus, if your spins include the Heart Ball you get an extra pin!

[If you would like your spin posted to Instagram or Tiktok, list the preferred app and your @ in the order notes]

The following pins of these series are available in the gashapon spins:

Heart Series:
1) Heart of Liquid Gold: Golden Honey
2) Heart of Liquid Gold: Valentine Pink*
3) Heart of Liquid Gold: Milk Tea
4) Heart of a Chromaticpunk: Neonpunk
5) Heart of a Chromaticpunk: Shadowpunk
6) Heart of a Chromaticpunk: Rainbowpunk
7) Heart of a Chromaticpunk: Valentine Pink*
8) Heart of Inordinate Heat: Emphatic Red Flame
9) Heart of Inordinate Heat: CuCl Blue Flame
10) Heart of Inordinate Heat: Burnish Purple Flame
11) Heart of Inordinate Heat: Valentine Pink
12) Sweet Heart: Valentine Pink*
13) Heart of a Balanced Breakfast: Waffle (Syrup)**
14) Heart of a Balanced Breakfast: Waffle (Butter)**
15) Heart of a Balanced Breakfast: Pancake (Syrup)**
16) Heart of a Balanced Breakfast: Pancake (Butter)**
* B Grade Valentine Variants do not come with cards or stickers
** Heart of a Balanced Breakfast B Grades come with a random B Grade Butter top pin

Famous Cats of Science:
1) Glow in the dark Cat
2) Nikola Tesla’s Cat
3) CC & Rainbow
4) Schrödinger’s Cat
5) Buttered Cat Paradox (Note: B Grades do not spin)
6) Felis
7) Edwin Hubble’s Cat
8) Félicette

Famous Dogs of Science:
1) Burshie
2) Ruppy
3) Service Dog: Hearing
4) Service Dog: Therapy
5) Strelka
6) Belka
7) Leakey’s Dalmatians
8) Chaser
9) Buddy: Color
10) Balto
11) Togo (Correct Print Version)

Cosmic Alchemy:
1) Sun: Gold
2) Mercury
3) Venus: Copper
4) Earth: Antimony
5) Moon: Silver
6) Mars: Iron
7) Jupiter: Tin
8) Uranus
9) Neptune
10) Element: Air
11) Element: Earth
12) Element: Fire
13) Element: Water

Please note that all items in this listing are B grade, and therefore are flawed. For grading information please check the Pin Grading section of my website!