CLEARANCE: Togo misprint pin

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Hard Enamel Pin
Black Nickel Metal
64mm with 2 pin posts
Screen printed details

Togo led his team running 264 of the 674 miles of The Great Race of Mercy in 1925. In white out conditions Togo was able to guide his team through a blizzard that even his musher, Leonhard Seppala, could not see through. At one point in the serum run, Togo lead his team across the frozen Norton Sound where the ice was unstable and cracked while they ran. Togo would be upstaged by the 13 dog team that ran the last 55 miles to arrive in Nome with the serum, led by Balto. Later that same year a bronze statue was erected in New York Central Park, to represent the dogs who ran in The Great Race.

**NOTE: Misprinted Togo pins are missing their front paw printing as pictured in last slide!**