DEAL: Cozy Set

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Set includes (1) Coffee time Washi Tape, (1) Birds & Blossoms Mug, (1) Heart of Spring Renewal (Warm Variant) Pin Set

Mocha, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, doppio, how do you like your coffee? Iced, hot, pressed brewed? The options are endless with this cozy caffeinated washi tape! Give your notebook some coffee flair, or use it to flag reminders to turn on the coffee pot! For use decorating your favorite notebook, as a label, or on a bookshelf! Washi tape is a versatile item for decor, crafting, or journaling!

Add this beautiful touch of spring to your collection to keep it bright year round! This pin comes in a variety of colors, three of which are available here in my shop and the other variants are available through @catheadpins! The three colors available in my shop are the Open Edition Warm variant, the Open Edition Sunshine variant, and the Limited Edition Lavender variant. Mini pins are double-posted to avoid spinning and ensure proper placement on the base pin. The base pins have three posts for a secure attachment to your ita bag, jacket, or pin board. The shifting colors of the glitter and pearlescent details will make this pin a highlight of any collection. Hold the pin up to the light to allow the translucent areas to shine!

[All pins available in this listing are A GRADES ONLY!]