2023 Coloring Contest


Vote NOW for the WINNERS of the 2023 Coloring Contest!



There will be ONE final winner and two runner-ups. The contest winner will have their variant produced. An exclusive run of 3 pins of their design will be given to the winner with a special laser engraving. The remaining pins available for preorder will be LE50. Runner-ups will have necessary preorders opened for their designs and, if funded, those designs will also be produced in an LE50 run. In addition, the winner will receive $50 in shop credit, and runner-ups will each receive a $25 shop credit! This credit is good for the entire 2023 calendar year, expiring on midnight new year’s eve.


By downloading any of the above files for participating in this contest or any other reason, you agree to use the lineart files for contest entry ONLY and for no other purpose. All lineart is copyrighted and belongs to Vipi Ink. I reserve the right to cancel and void any part of this contest, including any entries or rewards, for any reason at any time. Entries made that are in poor taste or have any discriminatory language or imagery will be removed. A contest winner’s variant and any runner-up variants will be strictly LE50, with only a total of 53 produced of each variant. If necessary preorders are not funded for runner-ups, they will not be produced and those preorders will be refunded. These variants are not seasonal and as such will not be vaulted. Winners will be determined by popular vote only. 


Thank you for celebrating with me!